Friendly ‘Chai’ | Restaurant Review


It is hardly a restaurant, nor can it be called a cafe. It’s typically an ‘adda’ for the youth of Noida.

There is something addictive about the Tea Shop, and it’s not MSG or Casein they put in fast food these days to attract more eaters. Tea Shop is not essentially to drink the best teas in the world or to eat to your heart’s content. It is a Tea Shop as regular as any, serving a concoction of iced and hot teas with a few dry snacks, both of which by the way are delicious, needless to say. The people who have been there will know why there are no words that can describe the experience perfectly. I mean you can get better food or iced teas anywhere else for sure, but once you go to this place you will not be able to ‘not’ return for more.

What is that more? You will find out soon enough.

It’s perfectly (almost strategically) located at a small community market in one of the army sectors of the suburb city of Noida. I say so because it has ample parking space out front for up to 50 cars at a time, and absolutely no other contesting shops/restaurants in the entire market.

This isn’t a traditional sit-down kind of a tea shop, nor does it have a takeaway window. It is a garage size small shop with wooden interiors, beautiful sheesham counter on your right as you enter where you can place the order and get a coupon/bill. The counter has a spread of jars filled with homemade cookies as well as gallon sized mason jars filled up with raw tea leaves which are mostly purchased by the tea connoisseurs living in the neighborhood. A storage bench is placed right opposite this counter on which you can sit down while you wait for your order. Then there is a wooden counter probably 90cm high made like a bar top with a low counter attached behind for the servers to make your teas, sandwiches etc.

The walls of the shop are mounted with iron brackets holding wooden pallets which are decorated with vintage tea pots collection, European tea tin boxes, placards with funny tea quotes, herbal and organic teas et al.

The owners of the Tea Shop, a retired army colonel and his wife, have sure made this place like anyone’s second home. It has that warmth and coziness in the friendly faces of the servers, that feeling of familiarity with homemade muffins and style of making teas and especially the seating outside consisting of plastic bathroom neelkamal stools, bamboo cane muddas and floor mats! When you visit the Tea Shop, It’s like you are home sitting in your balcony and sipping chai!



Tea Shop is home away from home for some, and a friendly casual uninhibited hangout for some, and for those seeking friends, it is a haven of interaction where you will end up making friends for life.

So, if you are looking for a super chilled out time in your own neighborhood, you can visit here anytime and get inspired to create such a nook for yourself in yours!


Must Visit!

‘Teasta’ The Tea Shop

Godavari Complex

Sector 37, Noida

Open 10:30 am – 2:30 pm & 5pm – 9:30 pm Wed – Mon (Tue closed)


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