Project Dolce Gusto India | Launch Idea | Product Review


My question is, why should a cup of coffee that basically acts as a wake-up alarm, the most important part of our lives, the life-saver if I may, stay behind in this race of technological advancement, evolution and progress? And so arrives our very new Nestle’s Nescafe Dolce Gusto, a new age pod coffee-making machine that has rapidly become a frontrunner among all the espresso machines, pod coffee machines, the bean-to-cup coffee machines and filter coffee machines that you may have used or heard of in the world.

It is not only the variety of the flavors and kinds of coffee pods that are made available for the joy of coffee-drinkers, but also having a really fast and efficient boiling/cooling technology along with the beautiful curvaceous body of the apparatus that makes the machine a unique piece of art.

Dolce Gusto has been positioned as an elegant and stylish brand within the marketplace of lifestyle and home products brands that suit the vivacity of young to ambitious professionals or businessmen. This makes Dolce Gusto itself, an aspirational product indeed!

In these times of virtualism where everything is (literally) available and achievable on the cloud, Nestle has successfully taken a regular cup of coffee and transformed it into a holy grail of sweet and tasteful way of life.

So, the combination of the variety-full and delicious coffee capsules along with the state of art machines, which are ergonomically and functionally designed, give you beautifully blended coffees; thus making Dolce Gusto, the ‘Modern Art of Coffee’ making.


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