Spectrum | Theatrical Fashion Show | College of Art | 2006

From Light to Dark

From Birth to Death

The Spectrum of LIFE

(2) (11) (57) (66) (75) (80) (82) (85) (86) (100)


The theme represents COLOR as an EXPRESSION, as an ART…..

SPECTRUM holds 7 colors which are born out of WHITE and die into BLACK.

A dream event, this show was created with the vision of communicating the idea of amalgamating ART with DESIGN and expressing it through the medium of PERFORMING ART…

The event was organised at the university level, with students of my college posing as models, and the entire designing, construction of garments, scripting the show, choreography, sound, lights and set designing was executed and organised by me and held at several college festivals accross Delhi and at Pilani, Rajasthan.

The theme of the event was NIX PERIPHERA (Beyond Boundaries), showcasing The SPECTRUM of life…!


< Conceptualised, Designed and Choreographed by Shruti Bansal | COA | Delhi 2006 >

Check the link for the video : https://youtu.be/5ttVvMqm8gM


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