Genesis – Perform your Art | Concept | 2010


A Mega Art and Design Entertainment Event which gives a unique platform    to Established as well as Upcoming Artists and Designers to showcase their Creations through the medium of Performing Arts and Extravagance.

Genesis invites designers and artists from all creative Diaspora like Textile, Product, Lifestyle, Fine Art, Graphic, Actors, Singers, Dancers etc in Three Categories of – Established, Upcoming and Competitive drama.

The Event highlights the concept – ‘’ A stage where you celebrate your   creations through music, dance, drama, lights and extravagance ‘’

A Victoria Secret fashion parade with a flavor of Bombay Dreams and the expanse of Phantom of the Opera is what constitutes GENESIS!

Show duration: Up to 3 hours

Show Staging: Entry with Invites, Passes, and Tickets.

Staging Requirements: Sponsors, Directors, Event organizers, Fabricators, Technicians, Artists/Models, etc.


Concept by Shruti Bansal – Creative Director – Genesis’10


Name of the event: Genesis (meaning – origin/inception/evolution/creation)

Date of the event: Year 2010

Inspiration of the event: It comes from various entertainment functions like IIFA awards, Temptations tour of the stars, Lakme and Wills Fashion weeks, India Art Summit, World of wearable art – new Zealand.

* Concept: A Mega Art and Design Entertainment Event which gives a unique platform to Established as well as Upcoming Artists and Designers to showcase their Creations through the medium of Performing Arts and Extravagance.

Look and feel: a combination of Broadway jazz with the opulence of an opera.


For General Audience –

Besides being a mega ENTERTAINMENT event, Genesis illustrates on its stage the fine and refine world of ART and DESIGN coming together to express their creativity through multi mediums, and making the audience aware that India is a country full of rich cultural talent, where all forms of creativity can be amalgamated and shown on one stage, like music, dance, theatre, fashion, art, sculpture, communication, and exaggeration, unlike only in films, this stage will represent talent LIVE.

For Artists Participating in event –

This is a platform for artists from various creative fields to represent their work through not just their own usual mediums but also through the medium of performing arts, which encompasses all representational ideas.

E.g.: A painter only exhibits his canvas in a gallery or at a show on a wall or a surface to encapsulate audience. At Genesis, the painter can represent his art not just on a canvas but on a human body, or a dynamic set-up with backdrops, stage sets, music, appropriate lighting, a narration, few actors or singers, dancers etc and the list is endless, as are the ideas. Similarly a fashion designer has the freedom to show his collection through mass mediums on a big stage and not just a ramp.

Who makes the show: Established, Upcoming and Competitive New Talent from various creative fields will be sent invites to construct the entire event, along with other artists like actors, singers, dancers, who will support the creations.

The following are the Categories:

  • Participants – Creators as well as Performers
  • Instrumentalists/Supporting team – Sound, lights, background, make-up, styling, choreography, direction, etc.
  • Technicians/ Labor
  • Organizational/ Managerial staff
  • Sponsors
  • Audience – common man, art and design fraternity, entertainment fraternity, vendors, buyers, media, journalists, etc. ANYONE and EVERYONE!


  1. Thematic – participants will be given a theme to represent, to avoid random activity onstage.
  2. No. of Creations – Minimum 15 maximum 25 ensembles incase of fashion designers. Minimum 3 maximum 5 paintings/sculptures/products incase of artists, sculptors and other designers. Minimum 1 song/dance/act maximum 3 incase of performing artists.
  3. Time limit – will be specific in competitive zone and subjective in general zone performances.
  4. Registration – All artists/designers/performers participating as the creators or the performers will require to Register with a specified participation Fee, whereas the competitive participants will be sponsored.
  5. The participants will provide their Own creations + participation fee.
  6. The event organizers will provide for the platform, the infrastructural and labor facilities, the performers, directors, choreographers, and stylists etc, the entire production team on request or voluntarily.
  7. Rehearsals and preparations should start 3 months prior to show date.
  8. The event organizers will have discretion over selection or screening procedure of the artists, competitive or otherwise.
  9. Show staging – Entry through invites, passes, and tickets. The media will only be allowed to live-feed partially or through print medium. The event can later be telecasted on T.V.

*Note : The CONCEPT of the event should remain under the name – SHRUTI BANSAL as Creative Director, but the name of the event is subject to change.

 < Conceptualised an Independent Idea of an Event based on Art and Fashion | Delhi, 2010 >

Click on the link to view the video-montage!


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