VIP Bags | Travel FAQ | Promotion Script | 2009

Emcee Script for VIP Bags Promotion

< Praful wants relevant questions to be asked by the Emcee/Host at the mall promotions >

Intelligent Questions!

  1. How many times are you wondering before making a trip, which is the best bag to take?
  2. How many times do you feel that the bag is either too bulky or prone to damage before going on a long distance journey?
  3. How often do you think, will the bag fit into my car boot, and if it does, will it or will it not damage the surrounding area?
  4. How often do you think that a bag is supposed to be dirt proof but light wt as well as long lasting too?
  5. Do you think after buying a bag, if it happens to get damaged within its warranty period then you will never purchase from that company again?
  6. Do you fear taking the bag for repairs, thinking it will happen again or you may end up buying a new one?
  7. Does the fear of the quality of the bag effects your decision to trust a certain brand/company?
  8. Why do you think a brand like VIP needs to promote its products in spite of being the best in the luggage making industry?
  9. Do you often feel that traveling can be made more stylish and sophisticated and not just be about packing safely?
  10. Do you think you could rather go with a new brand and experiment with your future trips or stick to your old favorite for a tension free journey?
  11. What makes VIP bags different from other brands with same features and price segments?
  12. Why VIP when you can be any other…? Sorry…other names are not that often heard of!

< Praful and Navin want the promotions to talk about a sophisticated brand. Praful and Navin want the activity to be more interesting >


Sophisticated Promotion Ideas!

Sophistication: a person with much worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture. Worldliness, experience; urbanity, culture, civilization, polish, refinement; elegance, style, poise, finesse, savoir-faire; informal cool.

‘Know how to do’ CAMPAIGN:


(Savoir-faire literally means ‘know how to do’)

VIP promotion stalls will have a very elegant 4 different set designs illustrating different urban and classical experiences within homes of any traveler-

  • Classical Living room with a leather armchair, ornate table lamps, carved out bookshelf and a VIP bag opened on a footstool to pack luggage.
  • Swanky Bedroom in an apartment with fancy wallpaper, linear and smart chairs, and floor standing lamp and an open iron board with a VIP bag opened to pack luggage.
  • Serious kitchen in a bachelor urban style pad with bar stools and coffee machine and VIP bag kept open on a kitchen counter to pack luggage.
  • Cool studio apartment with a workstation and beanbags and a VIP Bag opened on floor to pack luggage.

All the above promotional installations asides from having a communicative ambience/display, will also hold a banner or signage of the line stating-


Apart from the banner, there will be a number of signage narrating the LIST of TO Dos before, during and after a Journey with a VIP Bag!

Hence we have:

  • Sophisticated Displays.
  • VIP savoir-faire banners.
  • VIP ‘know how TO DO’ list in print for before, during and after a journey.
  • The TO DO list will highlight the features of the VIP bags and their quality, durability and sophistication personified.

< Highlight the features of the bag in relation to furniture! >

Interaction with people can be a simple format where we ask the clients to list their requirements for a travel in relation to the bag and we incorporate the requirements into a sketch on the computer – which basically will bring out the vip bags as having all the features!

Design innovation and durability in crafting the highest quality luggage for the experienced traveler.

< Conceptualised for Maximus Events, Mumbai | 2009 >



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