UNIFORM DESIGN | HOUSE OF MG | Ahmedabad, Gujarat | 2008

Objectives and Solutions:

To design a range of distinguishable yet traditional uniforms for various staff members or employees at the hotel keeping in mind the heritage value of the hotel as well as the comfort and flexible options for the wearer.

The Design of the Uniform remains conventional although the fabric was changed to a more comfortable fabric and the texture details induce a refreshing change to the same style of uniforms as well as highlight the hierarchy system within the departments.

To understand the emotions of the categories in uniforms and sensitize the experience of uniform wearing as well as the welcome experience of the hotel residents.

This was achieved by changing the Stark White color of Uniforms to a more soothing Milky-White, as well as giving a brighter color option in the sari of the Guest Relation Staff, which adds to the attraction as their primary job is to gauge the interest of the customers.

To understand the values of the hotel family, their tradition , culture and emotions.

The Values and Tradition of the HMG family are deep rooted in Era Of Gandhi, which reflects in the uniforms, and service of the staff of the hotel. The Gandhi Caps are worn by all the staff as well.Their Hotel is an Old Haveli renovated as a Hotel, Promoting the rich culture of Gujarat by giving a complete lifestyle experience to the customers through Food, Lodging and Celebrating the arts and crafts of the state.This Tradition was not re-designed, but re-surfaced by adding value to the already existing uniform structure.

To study and understand the operations of the HMG hospitality industry as well as similar set-ups , and its relevance in contemporary lifestyle.

Hospitality at HMG is very much like Home. The staff gives personal attention to the customers, and services are very prompt. It is unlike a 5-star, where one is formal and intimadated at various levels of communication or experience, whereas HMG allows its customers an intimadation free and eco friendly / organic environment.

Check out the Project FileDP2 final

DSC09097 DSC09099 DSC09100 DSC09102 DSC09111 DSC09113 DSC09118 DSC09120

House of MG


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