Writing Therapy

My mother has always encouraged me to write, for me to let out what I feel through words that can’t be spoken that often or easily but can be written. 
Being human is a gift, really. Because we have the power or words that helped us give a shape and form to our feelings, feelings that come from our senses interacting with the inside as well as the outside world. I am sure at the time when humans were created, they were created to ‘create’ more than what was offered in form of just a physical existence. We have a brain that guides our organs to perform in a certain way and we have a heart that makes those organs survive inside our body. But that’s not all we were meant to do. To just exist. 
We were meant to use our brain to create words that gave us the power to be able to create thoughts, to be able to gain knowledge, to be able to understand things in a certain way. We are definitely the most amazing creation of all times. Much more amazing than the Galaxy, the moon, the stars, the planets, the sun.. We are living organisms that can think, speak, write, action and further create more of our kind! Wow! 
So this makes me come back to the thought of writing because it is in my thoughts that I need to be able to express what I feel.  
So I’m using these words to tell my brain to tell me to write. Isn’t that something! That is what Descartes meant when he said – “I think therefore I am”, and vice versa. 
So words help a lot. They help us streamline our thoughts into being more organised and well…thoughtful. 
I encourage whoever I meet in my life, to be able to write. Because words have the power to make us into whatever we want to be. 

So, for instance – I write down that “I am happy”. Then, from my eyes to my brain to my heart, these words reach inside my system and reaffirm that I am happy, first as a thought and then the thoughts convert into words and words convert into actions! There you go – you are now happy! How simple was that? 

However, here’s the catch – there is always that possibility of getting distracted. So how do you make sure that you don’t disturb this transfer of thoughts into action without distracting yourself while doing it. 

And that’s where our super power – our brain comes in again. We have to simultaneously make sure that our brain while comprehending this signal, does not comprehend other surrounding thoughts or diversions. We have to focus. Yes, we have to focus all our thoughts into one thought to make sure the right one goes in. So how do we do that ? 
We repeat what we thought of in the first place! Yay! 
So as I write down how I feel, I’m also finding a solution to making me feel better! Because I know now that I have to repeat the though of ‘I am happy’ to be able to put it in action. 
Thanks mom. 
You made sure I find my happiness all on my own. Without even having to try hard. It’s really.. That simple! 
Try it! 


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