Workhorse | An oxymoron for working people who live in the moment

Until now I always assumed workhorses to be machines churning out work like machines! Standard format, no questions asked, making every penny count, dedicated personnel.

Usually this word is used for people who are extremely hardworking and reliable. However, I happened to chance upon a new meaning of this word sometime back while discussing job-life with a friend. It seems, the term workhorse is unique to every individual. Let us understand this with an example. An individual who does a job, can work in 2 ways. EITHER work hard and diligently and aim to achieve a bigger title, promotion, or gain number of years of valuable experience to show in the resume OR work because you are being paid for it, eventually move on to a better job if it pays better or gives a better position but not because you care about the number of years of work-experience but because your experience is different every single day and as soon as it starts to become the same, it’s time to make a switch. So the workhorse of the former individual makes that person live for the next day, while the workhorse of the latter individual makes the person live for that very day.

The workhorse of today is a person who wants to do a job but not the way a typical workhorse of yesterday does the job. See, people take up jobs because they need to earn a living, sustain themselves and the family, perhaps have a future planned with a list of potential investment plans etc. etc. That is the usual circle of life for you. Today, there are those who want to do a job to be able to learn something new, make a difference in other’s lives, have a sense of identity or self-worth, experience adapting to and working within a multi-cultural environment, and actually love what they do or do what they love. Making ‘your passion – your profession’ is the biggest oxymoron for these hard-working reliable ones who are doing so because they really care what they produce at the end of the day. Today matters to them more than tomorrow. They live in the moment and are still dependable.

Because, making your today the best day of your life is what makes you alive.


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