Wording this

If I could only write when I was inspired then I wouldn’t be a writer.

Writers even think in written word. While most of the people think what they would speak, writers have words typed out in their thoughts, sometimes thinking of even the right typography to match the emotion!

For instance, if I was thinking of an announcement to make, my mind would automatically go to Lobster typeface and exclamation points and even bright colours if it’s a happy announcement.

It’s funny, really. To some this idea is absolutely absurd. But to be honest, I totally get it. Writers are essentially sleeping, eating, breathing and even listening words. That’s why lyrics are so damn important of a song or the summary of a book is just apt or a client brief is grammatically wrong at times or the news report is so misleading and don’t even get me started on messages or whatsapp chats!

It is important not because they are anal about the language but mostly because written word should articulate and emote exactly what’s in their mind and heart. The written word has to fulfil its purpose for which it was written in the first place.

The written language is the single most important and far-reaching technology available to humans and has served as the foundation for virtually all other information technologies from early etchings in clay tablets/walls to the world of digital access that we enjoy today. It is, perhaps, foremost among the many other fundamental social and technological advancements that have shaped our world.

(Refer – http://scarc.library.oregonstate.edu/omeka/exhibits/show/mcdonald/writing/significance/)

The written word is arguably the most important, most influential, most dynamic discovery of human history. So one has to be wise and sensitive at the same time before expressing one’s thoughts.

You do realise that what you write is what you ultimately think.

Let us use with care those living messengers called words.

—W. Q. Judge

Careless, loose and inordinate speech is a characteristic of our extrovert and restless civilisation. We do not understand the value of deliberate and careful speech because we are ignorant of the source of this precious faculty and totally unaware of the power of the spoken word. Our speech is too often impulsive and hence thoughtless and meaningless.

Much of the confusion and turmoil of our world today is reflected in our irresponsible use of speech. But the reverse is equally true: our foolish and wrong use of words adds to the prevailing confusion and is a major factor in creating tensions and bringing about misunderstandings. We are often divided today through words. If we could purify and control our speech we would tone up our moral fibre, improve our character, and thus become better able to seek for the solutions of the numerous problems we are facing.

All who dream of a better world should watch words, which anon save us and anon damn us. But for anyone aspiring to live the spiritual life control of speech is a sine qua non, and all the Great Ones have enjoined the purification and restraint of speech.

In Lord Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path, the third step is Right Speech:

The Third is Right Discourse. Govern the lips
As they were palace-doors, the King within;
Tranquil and fair and courteous be all words
Which from that presence win.

In the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna describes thus the mortifications (tapas) of speech:

Gentle speech which causes no anxiety, which is truthful and friendly, and diligence in the reading of the Scriptures, are said to be austerities of speech. (XVII, 15)

(Refer – http://www.ultindia.org/tm_magazine/7110word.html)

So, if you are a writer, you are powerful. You know you have the power to control your thoughts even before you begin to pen them down, because you know how to! And, inspired or not, whenever you write, be true to the word.

However, “When will you ever learn that there isn’t a word for everything?”


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