Ray of Hope

These images represent hope, one that you can see in the piercing of the light rays through the sky. They go into the infinite space above, unafraid of the wind or the clouds or the stars or the moon.enhanced-buzz-wide-9019-1410425877-9guzman_til1

And here we are, those of us still on earth, complaining and morose of issues so trivial and insignificant.


” In moments of solitude

You surf and google online

You were probably hired in a whim

You tell yourself all the time

Yet you swear and curse your situation

Thinking, how will I justify my position?

And then you chance upon images of devastation

And a tribute catches your attention

Which had happened in past time

Oh and how you feel this pit in your stomach

If something like this were to happen to you

Who on earth will care for your attitude then

Because all you would know inside

And all you would need at that time

Is not job satisfaction or a feeling worthwhile

But just one word in your heart and mind

I want ‘hope’ to survive. “


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