“Before I start going crazy, run to me…”, said Rachel to herself. She was flowing with overwhelming emotions and couldn’t help but say it out loud what she felt. There was no one in the room to hear her, but she didn’t know what else to do. She just had to let it out.

She remembered the night they all went out dancing. She also remembered the first time she met him. she knew then, this man was something special. She felt a spark with him and that too after knowing that she would never feel the same ever again with anyone in her lifetime. Then how was that even possible.

There were so many moments when she just wanted to be held tight and be kissed passionately. There were so many times when he looked at her from head to toe, front and back, again and again as if he wanted her then and there.

It all happened that one night when he took her by the hand to help her out of the crowded room, she just knew that he wanted her too.

“Why are you doing this to me god!”, cried Rachel. What does it mean. I can’t cheat on my boyfriend of 10 years! Why should I be the one to be tested like this.

Rachel was determined to find out if her story had a happy or a sad ending. And the only way to find that out would be to see how far her boyfriend could go to be with her. He had recently go the opportunity to study in a reputable university in Georgia, Atlanta. She was thrilled for him, but she had a life in New York. She had friends, a great job and her family around. He didn’t as a matter of fact have anyone he would remain back for. He wouldn’t mind moving countries or even planets if he had to as long as he was happy doing it. So when this opportunity had come his way, he had asked her if she wanted to join him on this adventure and at the moment she was absolutely thrilled. However few moments later, she had realised ‘no way’ and shared this with him. He was upset at first but then decided to stay back for her. Yes, he was that much in love with her and she was so grateful for having finally met a man who loved her more than he loved himself.

So then why, god why, did she fall for someone else just a month into realising her love for her boyfriend was happily ever after.

She met Ethan at a club, when she had gone out with her lady friends one night. She was dancing and happy. Happy because she felt free in that moment. She felt like she could be in love again, more so because she just loved dancing. After an exhausting session of cramping moves, she decided to take a seat at the bar to relax and rejuvenate, in other words – drink some more! Just then a man walked up next to where she was seated and ordered a couple of beers. And like it happens in so many movies and sitcoms, he asked her if he could buy her a drink. And because she was having such a good time and because she was with someone and felt absolutely secure about her relationship, she thought to herself, why not! “sure. I will have a singapore symphony please”, she replied. And he was shocked. Probably expecting to be shot down!

“I didn’t get your name.”, he said. “Oh right. Sorry, I’m Rachel and I’m engaged”, I said shaking his hand.

Wow! seems like the first time you raised your hopes, then crashed , then rose them again and fell down really hard, huh! Some impact there…

Ethan: Oh man! sure hell you made an impact tonight. I didn’t expect this but then it’s so hard to resist me that no matter what this is, there is only one person falling tonight! “You know what I mean…”, he finished with a wink.

Rachel: (speechless, staring, feeling a knot in her stomach) Umm, okay then. Maybe I should get back to dancing.

And so she did. With a sense of freedom never felt before. And what she admired about this man she met was that he didn’t look at her with lust, but with stimulation.


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